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Safely saving you time, money and manpower.

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Engineers, Contractors, Builders, Municipal Departments

From start to finish you put a great amount of effort into bettering communities through commercial and residential development along with the building and maintenance of the supporting infrastructure. You focus on effectively and efficiently managing valuable resources including time, money and manpower.

Before & During Construction

One critical aspect on any construction site is the accurate location and excavation of the delicate, hidden and potentially dangerous utility installations below.

Sawlog Bay Environmental accurately performs locates during the planning stage, ensuring your plans are reliable before you break ground. During the excavation stage, we safely and precisely expose wires and pipes that can be easily damaged with traditional methods of excavation namely backhoe, pick or shovel.

Preventative Measures for Infrastructure Maintenance

Once your infrastructure is complete, to prevent unforeseen, costly road repairs and insurance claims, sewer and storm line flushing, catch basins and culverts all need to be maintained and free of debris to operate optimally throughout the year. Annual maintenance prevents flooding and costly freeze and runoff damage that can occur during the winter and spring months.