About Sawlog Bay Environmental

Sawlog Bay Environmental Services commenced operations in 2009 servicing both private and municipal clients. We operate a small fleet of vacuum trucks focusing on storm and sewer line maintenance and hydro-excavation services serving central Ontario from our home base of Midland, Ontario. Our company has been built on the principal of custom tailoring hydro vac services to the specific requirements of our clients as opposed to a “cookie cutter” approach which is the industry standard.

We believe that hydro-excavation is a natural and obvious fit for many construction projects, particularly in urban site remediation. Hydro excavation is a process involving the utilization of high pressure hot water operated by a worker to break up compacted material which is immediately “sucked” into the vehicle at a rapid rate. The process is extremely precise, allowing for excavations in sensitive areas containing buried infrastructure such as natural gas lines, fiber optic cables, water services, buried power lines, as well as operations in tight confines such as between closely positioned structures, building basements, etc., all with almost zero risk of causing damage, service interruptions or dangerous public safety issues.

The process is also renowned for its absence of collateral issues such as dust and material containment. All material is contained within a sealed tank that can only be released by the operator at the disposal site. The tank would even contain the material should the vehicle roll over, and the use of water in the process by nature, means that excavations are performed virtually dust free.

By utilizing hydro excavation equipment, you automatically replace two vehicles for one (replacing excavator and dump truck) thus reducing noise, traffic, dust and carbon footprint issues in the removal and transport of the material. All vehicles are equipped with hot water boilers allowing this process to be utilized 12 months a year in any type of weather conditions which will also allow project managers to maintain time lines and objectives.