Industries Served

  • Engineering Firms
  • General Contractors
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Plumbers

Services Provided

  • Bulk Wet/ Dry Material Removal
  • Remote Excavation
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Utility locates & verification
  • Frozen Service Remediation

Waste Water Treatment

  • Frozen Lateral/ Culvert Flushing/ Thawing
  • Sanitary Main and Storm Line Flushing
  • Broken Main/ Lateral Repair
  • Culvert Maintenance


During the planning stage you and your engineering team rely on the accuracy of infrastructure locates to assist with shooting elevations and future site digs. Sawlog Bay Environmental confirms the true location of underground utilities including fluctuating depths along any one given line.

General Contractors

As the managing contractor your project is carefully defined based on the resources that you employ to meet pre-planned deadlines. The mobility of our equipment and flexibility in scheduling allows us to get the necessary work you need done at the time you require it. SBE is competitive anywhere in Simcoe County and surrounding areas (as far south as Toronto and as far north as Sudbury).

Municipal Utilities

Infrastructure maintenance is a key component of your municipality’s plan to help keep your community safe and experience as few disruptions as possible on your road ways and water services.

A failure in maintenance can cost your municipality hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure repair and insurance claims from local residences and businesses. With the strict management of municipal funds, neglected infrastructure could also mean the redirection of funds that were allocated for other critical projects benefiting the community. Sawlog Bay Environmental has two dedicated sewer flushing trucks designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning sewer infrastructure so that it’s working at its best for you and your community. We also operate Ontario's ONLY hot water Vactor combination truck to deal with frozen culverts and mains throughout the winter months.